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    It is April 22, 2030, six months after the United States government fell from a brutal mutant attack. The White House was quickly taken over, the President killed, along with the House of Representatives and the Senate. Over 90% of ranking government officials were killed in the three day attacks. The United Nations, under the leadership of newly appointed Matthias Bruno, sent in military aid from a multinational coalition. After two weeks of fighting, the mutant rebel leader was finally killed, and hundred of mutants and humans rounded up for charges of treason.

    With the government in ruins, the UN has temporarily taken control of the United States, while a Continental Congress meets in Philadelphia, Penn in early May to establish vote on replacing the government officials. Meanwhile, global outcry against mutants are at an all time high, with governments around the world creating programs to hunt down and “treat” mutants. The mutant epidemic began in 2019, when research became aware of people with extraordinary powers.  The science community is still unaware of what causes some humans to have powers and some to be ordinary, but since the late 2021, division has been growing between the two groups.

    Due to the recent attacks, the UN has issued orders for massive research into the mutant problem as well as orders that mutants be isolated from society for everyone’s “protection” Secretary General Bruno has urged mutants to come forward so the world can help protect and cure them and has called for violence from all sides to stop.

    In January of 2030, the Security Council voted for more global power entrusted to the UN, since America no longer has a global reach. The Following UN resolutions have been passed since then.

    1. Nuclear weapons are to be dismantle. This was in process since the mutant problem broke out, as the leading cause of mutants is due to an overstock pile of nuclear arms.

    2. One global currency. This came about with the near obliteration of the value of the USD. In order to prevent a worldwide depression, the UN acted quickly to establish their own currency and to influx it accordingly. So far 50% of the world has converted with mostly positive results without incidents.

    3. Mutant Segregation. Mutants are kept separate in almost every area of life. Schools, jobs, communities. This is an ongoing world state, with each country moving towards this goal. Along with this comes a mutant registration of everyone who can be identified as a mutant. A process by doing this is still being researched. So far, only people with obvious mutant powers (such as those with phenotypes of mutant attributes, like blue skin) are subject to this laws.

    The US mutant war ended in late November, and this changes started to come about two months later. The degree to which these orders have been carried out various based on location. In the USA, these orders are quickly becoming reality.

    Fear runs rampant across the globe, since identifying mutants is almost non existing. Citizens are afraid of another war between humans and mutants. Anyone suspect of mutant powers is subject to arrest almost anywhere in the world. Rumors speak of an international mutant army readying itself for another attack.

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